Concordia Health Holdings LLP is the ultimate parent company of all healthcare companies in the Concordia group. Concordia Health is the most prominent of these, but also relevant are: Concordia Community Outpatients Ltd; Concordia Ambulatory Care Ltd; and Concordia Specialist Care Services.

Concordia has been running since 2006.

Concordia’s businesses spread through both primary and secondary healthcare.  

Concordia Health Ltd deals in the primary sector. It runs GP practices, specialist clinics and a walk-in centre; it also works with CCGs in the development of new pathways. It claims to seek to develop practices classified as “community centres” which include health and social care.

Other Concordia subsidiaries, such as Concordia Community Outpatients Ltd and Concordia Specialist Care Services Ltd, deal in the secondary care sector. These firms take on NHS contracts and provide services such as: ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) services; dermatology; minor oral surgery; and cardiology. It operates from over 150 sites around the UK and is also based near hospitals. Here it provides overflow and front-end services to reduce hospital waiting lists, as well as in some areas running “Tier 3-4 ‘hospital recovery service’”

 Concordia targets both the primary and secondary healthcare sectors through its multiple subsidiary companies, however it is prioritising secondary care. According to the company's annual accounts for 2016 it plans to “selectively pursue new general practice procurement opportunities in 2016/2017” for primary care; for its secondary care business it describes large amounts of growth, and that “scope and complexity” of services has increased.

Its strategy seems to line up with two major NHS aspirations: reducing the number of patients in hospitals/A&E; and advancing the merging of health and social care. For the first its “hospital recovery service”s; desire to “reduce secondary care referrals and lower inappropriate A&E attendances”; and “proactive patient management” - i.e prevention and management of chronic diseases. For the latter it specifically states a desire to “establish practices that are accepted as 'community centres', breaking down the barriers between health and social care and allowing our surgeries to be there for every aspect of patients' lives”. Within Concordia Community Outpatients Ltd 85-90%  patients are treated in one of 150 community hubs.

As Concordia Health Ltd is a small company, an in depth view of its finances is not available.

Financials for Concordia Health Holdings Llp:

In the year ending 30th September 2016:

  • Revenue = 18,812,486

  • Profit before tax = (283,521)

  • Tax = (1,461)

  • Total profit = (284,982)

In the year ending 30th September 2015:

  • Revenue = 13,793,240

  • Profit before tax = 718,027

  • Tax = (56,177)

  • Total profit = 661,850

Total revenue in the group has increased, however profit has fallen sharply from a profit to a loss. The amount of tax paid has also dramatically decreased, according to the financial statements this is due to adjustments in respects of previous years - specifically unutilised tax losses in the company’s subsidiaries.

Concordia Health Holdings Llp is owned entirely by its directors.

The different branches of Concordia have taken on several NHS contracts in recent years. Some don’t have official contract awards, but can be seen on Concordia Outpatients website.

ENT services:

In 2016 Concordia won a contract worth £3 million to provide a Community ENT, Earwax and Audiology Service in Barnet.

In 2015 Concordia won a contract worth over £7 million for the provision of a community Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) service in West Hampshire.

Oral Surgery:

In 2015 Concordia was one of several winners in a £7 million AQP contract for Intermediate oral surgery throughout Wessex.

Dermatology services:

In 2015 Concordia won a contract to provide a Dermatology CATS Service in Manchester.

In 2014 Concordia won a contract to provide community dermatology services in Wolverhampton.




Over the years several GP surgeries run by Concordia have been thrown into disarray after contracts have run out, or Concordia has pulled out early.

In March 2017 in Merton, only 3 days before the end of a Concordia contract, almost 4,000 patients were left without a GP. Merton CCG reported that it did not have the data to see if any of these patients had registered in other areas, or remained unregistered.

In 2014 Concordia pulled out of a contract for a GP surgery in Dover, leaving less than a month from breaking the news to leaving the service. This left almost 3,500 patients with having to find a new GP.

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