Healthcare at Home is a UK based company; it is an indirect subsidiary of Halcyon Topco Ltd, a company that is also UK based but operates around Europe.

Healthcare at Home was incorporated in 1992.

Healthcare at home is a clinical provider of healthcare out-of-hospital, this can be at home, at work, or in the community. It operates through working with three kinds of provider: Public health, Pharmaceutical, and Private. They employ 1500 staff throughout the UK of which over 800 are healthcare professionals.
Though public health they offer savings on VAT for “medicines purchased for delivery at home” and provide out-of-hospital clinical care, both basic and complex, with two main purposes: reducing bed-blocking by getting patients out of the acute sector; and taking on the responsibility of said patients in a home/community setting.  

They work with 48 pharmaceutical companies to provide their products to the 98,000 patients they support. With over 42,000 prescriptions fulfilled each month there’s a lot of trade.

With private providers they act as a subcontractor to directly provide clinical services to patients including: physiotherapy, occupational health, chemotherapy, IV antibiotics, enteral feeding, and palliative care.

The strategy of Healthcare at Home is to capitalise off the growing market for intermediate/complex care. This strategy is twofold: to further develop existing expertise in providing medication-related home health care services; and to expand provision of large-scale, clinically-lead services to the NHS and private sector. Its strategic report specifically points out how “the pressure on public finances and the drive to move patient care towards the community setting are both continuing”, which puts them in a secure position.

Financials for Healthcare at Home:

In the year ending 31st October 2016 (£million):

  • Revenue = 1,567,658

  • Profit before tax = 2,059

  • Tax = (793)

  • Total profit = 1,266

In the year ending 31st October 2015 (£million):

  • Revenue = 1,374,786

  • Profit before tax = (6,117)

  • Tax = 1429

  • Total profit = (4,748)

The company has improved its financial outlook greatly in the last year. Total revenue has increased and a profit has been generated, as opposed to a loss as in 2015.

Financials for Halcyon Topco Ltd:

In the year ending 31st October 2016 (£million):

  • Revenue = 1,638,122

  • Profit before tax = (43,323)

  • Tax = (982)

  • Total profit = (44,305)

In the year ending 31st October 2015 (£million):

  • Revenue = 1,426,797

  • Profit before tax = (48,457)

  • Tax = 814

  • Total profit = (47,643)

Halcyon did increase total revenue; however the are still loss-making, even if by a smaller margin in 2016 than the year prior.

Healthcare at home is a subsidiary of Halcyon Topco. Over 75% of Halcyon’s shares, however, are owned by Vitruvian Partners Llp, a European private equity firm.

Healthcare at home is on the NHS Framework agreements for Pharmacy Dispensing and Delivery Services and for Home Delivery of Intravenous and Subcutaneous Immunoglobulin.

In 2014 Healthcare at Home was bombarded with complaints over its home delivery of essential prescriptions to NHS patients.  The largest issue was its failure to deliver all medications - some life-saving - on time. Problems emerged after Healthcare at Home switched from using an in-house delivery service to Movianto: an American logistics firm operating throughout Europe. When Movianto’s IT systems failed many patients were left without deliveries. The company was investigated by the regulator.

Delivery issues appeared again in 2017, with patients not receiving vital medicines and phone calls not being returned.

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