Under the NHS logo on the wall of your local surgery there may be a new name. Profit-making companies are running a significant number of GP facilities. Health centres and walk in clinics are affected too. Virgin Care is by far the largest and most high profile operator, but commercial providers are expected to soon control around 10% of the total of primary care facilities.

How much do we know about these new companies and their approach to caring for us?

Links and articles 

When privatisation of GP practices goes wrong - 19 December 2012

Private firms will run 10% of GP practices by 2014

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Suffolk: New criticism for county’s out-of-hours GP provider Harmoni - 10 June 2011

Health Scrutiny Panel of Enquiry into the closure of the Camden Rd Surgery

Britain's Homecare Scandal, BBC Panorama investigate care providers including Care UK who also provides GP services to NHS patients - 9 June 2009



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